These drawings depict cinema actors/characters as well as plumbing tools.

I am interested in acting and in actors in particular for their ability to pretend and/or lie. Cinema actors hold a privileged position in  society as they are put on a pedestal and they are generally seen as being interesting and important. I have selected scenes from movies at a moment when the characters were surprised.

Most of us don’t have a particular interest in plumbing parts or screws and they are generally overlooked. Nevertheless they play a crucial role in supplying of water in housings.

With this work, I am interested to present together movie characters and plumbing spare parts on the same level and allow them to influence each other on the way we perceive them. They were initially drawn on carbon paper before they were printed on plasterboard.

Without Title (Drawings on Plasterboard), 2015
UV inkjet print on plasterboard
1200 x 400mm